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Join Sarah's Campaign!

We are in unprecedented times.


The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our communities cannot be overstated. Doing things "the old way" is no longer an option as we seek to reunite, grow and thrive in the new world around us. Bringing our communities back together and learning from what the pandemic has taught us requires new skills, new connections, new and innovative thinking. We want to be a strong and independent community, we want to take the best of what we've learned and bring more of it. We cannot afford to go back to the old ways of doing things, so let's make sure our votes reflect going forward, not backward. So... what does that mean?

It means moving forward with the innovative thinking of tomorrow. Bringing our small businesses in our seven cities and surrounding areas together, and finding a path to success while removing barriers and bringing visibility across the district. We know that when our small businesses thrive, our communities thrive.

It means becoming the model of all nine districts in King County in protecting our environment and fighting climate change, showing a path for economic and environmental sustainability, and protecting our forests, rivers, open spaces and farms with the urgency required to protect the future of our youth. 

It means working toward a new vision where all of our residents have the choice to live, work, play and learn in the same community. Where we get rid of the commute and bring real transit alternatives and connections that allow all members of our communities access to public transit - including transit connections and stops that work for all.

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