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Helping Small Business

We have some bedrock small businesses, including Twede's Diner, Duvall’s Flowers and Gifts, Woodinville’s Viva Farms, Mommy's Kitchen in Sammamish, Miller's Event Space in Carnation, and Redmond’s Shalimar Grocery and so many more. We need to be there for the small businesses in our communities during this pandemic to make sure they weather the storm well. 


In addition to highlighting our businesses, emphasizing shopping locally, and supporting them whenever possible, we can do more to help them in the long term. We can work to streamline regulations, help with business permitting and improve the support and climate for small businesses.

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Improving Transit Options

Fixing Roads

The traffic congestion in our district takes us away from time with our family and community, and reduces timely access for any emergency response needs. As Light Rail comes to Redmond in the next two years, we must make sure that our community members in Issaquah, Sammamish, Woodinville, Duvall and the Snoqualmie Valley also are able to access transit options. We need alternative transit sources and a Metro schedule and connections that truly support our working families throughout the region. 


In addition, the rural road and bridge infrastructure in King County has been neglected and sliding into disrepair for almost twenty years. Unfortunately, just bringing it up to safety standards will take a $350 million investment, annually, for years. Yet the funding for this is simply not available, and the current plan is to slowly decommission our bridges and shift our rural roads to gravel. We are slated to be the fasted growing region in the next ten years. This is not a plan for growth. We must do better.

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Protecting Our


We live in a beautiful place in East King County, and we have a special responsibility to protect and preserve this beauty. This means protecting our open spaces and air quality, our rivers and watersheds, our rural neighborhoods and farmlands, as well as supporting local food resiliency and sustainability programs.

King County has an opportunity to be a model in fighting climate change for the nation, meeting the ambitious goals set out by the county in our Climate Action Plan. We need to meet the challenge of climate change with the urgency it requires to protect the future of our youth. We are the first generation to see the effects of. climate change and we are the last generation that can truly make a difference.